A Frog Model to Study CHD2 Function with Helen Willsey, PhD 4/24/22

Ciitizen/Invitae Digital Natural History Study Launch 2/28/22

CHD2: a developmental & epileptic encephalopathy- 8/15/21 Dr. Ingrid Scheffer, AO MBBS PhD FRACP FAA FAES FRS PresAHMS

The Clinical Landscape of CHD2-
Heather Mefford, MD, PhD

CHD2 Data Collection Town Hall with RARE-X

Intro to CHD2-
 Gemma Carvill, PhD

A multi-species platform for CHD2 +/- Therapy
Robert Hunt, PhD
LGS Roundtable at AES- 12/3/21

Modeling CHD2-Associated Epilepsy in Brain Organoids: Jenny Hsieh, PhD
LGS Roundtable at AES- 12/3/21

Webinar on Ciitizen/Invitae Natural History Study